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PhD Defense by Ines Breda

Ines Breda, Department of Chemistry and Bioscience will defend her thesis on: "Manganese removal in drinking water biofilters - from start-up to matured filters"


10.05.2019 kl. 13.00 - 16.00



"Manganese removal in drinking water biofilters - from start-up to matured filters”


"Manganese removal in drinking water biofilters is based on physicochemical and biological processes. Practical concerns of manganese removal in drinking water treatment plants include an extended period until the onset of removal during the start-up period of new filters and deterioration of the removal process during operations of matured filters.

The primary ambition of this thesis was to provide further insight into manganese removal in drinking water biofilters by characterising the removal process in biofilters at different stages of maturation and different depths of the filter. More specifically, this study investigated possible solutions to shorten the start-up period by accelerating the onset of manganese removal in new filters and characterized manganese removal processes and the microbial community distribution in early matured and fully matured biofilters across different depths.

The active collaboration between the academic and industrial partners in this applied research study was favourable and indispensable to the practical conclusions obtained throughout the studies. Based on the knowledge presented in this thesis, water supply companies can take measures to change the start of operations of virgin filters, rethink filter design, and revise operational conditions at drinking water treatment plants."


  • Associate Professor Peter Roslev, Dept. Chemistry and Bioscience, AAU, Denmark


  • Associate Professor Niels Iversen (Chairman), Dept. Chemistry and Bioscience, AAU, Denmark
  • Associate professor Catherine Jane Paul, Department of Building and Environmental Engi
    neering, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, Sweden
  • Water Quality Specialist Laure Lopato (HOFOR) 




Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, AAU, Section of Biology and Environmental Science


VIA University College Campus på Chr. M. Østergaards Vej 4 i Horsens