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Ph.d. forsvar Pengfei Liu

Ph.d. forsvar Pengfei Liu

Pengfei Liu, Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, AAU, will defend his thesis on ”Deformation and Indentation Cracking in Borate-Based Glasses".


17.09.2021 kl. 09.30 - 12.00



”Deformation and Indentation Cracking in Borate-Based Glasses”


Glasses are inherently brittle materials due to their unstable shear deformation mechanism and limited crack propagation resistance. These limitations severely restrict the practical strength of glasses due to surface flaws and defects, which act to amplify local tensile stresses, and thus results in catastrophic failures. This greatly limits the future application of glasses in various fields. Glass scientists have made great efforts to overcome this limitation through various methods, such as optimized composition design, post-treatment etc. In order to design and prepare stronger and tougher glass, it is of great significance to understand the relationship between the chemical composition, post-treatment, network structure, and mechanical properties of glasses. In this thesis, we have studied the deformation and indentation cracking behavior of oxide glasses, specifically borate-based glasses, from the viewpoints of composition design and post-processing. The goal of this work is to provide insights into the composition/post-treatment-structure-properties relation in these glasses.


  • Professor Morten Mattrup Smedskjær, Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, AAU


  • Professor Morten Lykkegaard Christensen (chairman), Aalborg University, Denmark (Moderator)
  • Stefan Karlsson, Scientist at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
  • Professor Russell J. Hand, University of Sheffield




Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, AAU


Fredrik Bajers Vej 7H, 9220 Aalborg Øst room 3.122-3.128